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How Do You Feel When You Wake Up In The Morning?

Do you wish you had ... restored vitality ... a strong libido ... more mental clarity ... clear skin ... reduced weight ... a stronger immune system ... and that you looked and felt young, fit and healthy in every aspect of your being?

There is a powerful new trend awakening in 21st century Spas and this trend is “Total Body Purification”. Puriti Purification is the process of neutralizing and eliminating internal toxins from our bodies which is essential for the maintenance of optimum health and vitality. Toxins are substances that have a harmful effect in our bodies and can undermine our health and weaken our bodily systems and organs. Purification is therefore the single most powerful tool you can use to prevent and reverse ill health and disease.

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With today’s typical lifestyles, of stress, high sugar intake and the wrong fats in our highly processed diet, improper food combination, inadequate absorption of nutrients and over eating can abuse the delicate working systems of our body and inhibit purification and the evacuation pathways. This can lead to the development of symptoms such as hormonal problems, depression, fatigue, muscular aches and pains, headaches, infections, debilitating viral illnesses, digestive problems, loss of libido, allergies and there is also growing evidence that internal toxins are linked to cancer.

If you’re new to the growing spa wellness trend for total body purification you may be surprised to learn that it began to appear in historical literature some 3,000 years ago! For thousands of years body purification has been a part of healing rituals for well-being. It was often used in ancient times as a way to reconnect with the divine and today there has never been a greater need to purify one's mind, body and spirit.

Purification was used regularly to create a state of wellbeing amongst the ancient Egyptians, their scribes first wrote about purification in “Ebers Papyrus”. The Ebers Papyrus is amongst one of the most important medical papyri of ancient Egypt. This document was created by the Egyptians much like our modern day medical reference books. The scroll contains some 700 magical formulas and remedies. They used procedures to remove waste from the patients that complained of ailments of the body and mind.

Many of today’s Spas are moving from the trend of simply pampering their clients and returning to their roots. Spas where once known as places for healing and the modern day spas are no longer an exception. Many are opening their doors to embrace healing, optimum health and vitality with Puriti Purification Programs.

When you purify your body you open a pathway to great health and lasting vitality. It’s also an excellent known medical way of slowing down, reversing the aging process and obtaining more energy. Puriti Purification is a way to remove the stored toxic waste matter, environmental pollutants and residue from any prescription drugs that are trapped in our bodies, many of which attribute to poor health.

If we think about all the environmental poisoning that our body is bombarded with, when we look at the pesticides found in our food supplies, insecticides and other contaminants which are found in our water supplies, its hardly surprising that many of us suffer from fatigue and poor health. Eventually, we find ourselves in a state of poor health, knocking on our doctor’s door. In all honesty, if we stop and focused on our diet for a few weeks many of our maladies would dissipate.

The theory is that toxins, drugs, and radioactive particles are stored in body fat and the brain, impairing our system and evacuation pathways, e.g. liver, kidneys, colon etc. Independent scientific evaluations now report that the toxins and poisons that we face are killing us, they are so far removed from what our ancestors had to deal with it is impossible for us to adequately remove them from our bodies.

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So how do we remain healthy in such a toxic world?

If purification is to work one must accept that nothing in life comes for free and our health is no exception. It takes commitment to stop the excesses, to make the decision to be well, to go on health drive. It could be considered as the one gift we can truly give to ourselves. It's the New Year’s resolution that we can start at any time of the year.

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There's a Puriti Purification Program to suit everyone. For those who prefer the orthodox approach there are Spas that offer the ultimate in purification pampering. Spas offering affordable packages with daily treatments, fresh enzyme rich juices and healing herbs which assist the process. Spas where you can learn to become empowered in different health practices.

For those who like the “DIY” approach, purification can be done comfortably in your own home. The addition of a good juicer and blender can make the world of difference to long lasting wellbeing. The beauty of a purification program is it addresses the very core of your health problems rather than suppressing symptoms with prescribed drugs, which in turn can cause significant side effects with prolonged use and may make the body dependent and eventually more toxic.

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So how does purification work?

There seem to be two main ideas. One is “water fasts” which starves the body of nutrients with the theory being that toxins are forced out into the blood stream and out of fat cells. This idea has for some time now been considered dangerous due to the severity of today pollutants. In days of old when our bodies only needed to rid itself of our own natural internal toxins it was a safe procedure.

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The second and by far the most up to date is the 21st century “Puriti Purification Program” from Puriti Programs for Life. The Puriti Programs help feed the body nutrients raising the body’s immune system, changing the subtle pH balance between acid – alkaline, removing free radicals and environmental toxins.

In today’s world when malnutrition is one of the biggest medical issues in our western societies, it makes sense to feed the body with nutrients and not starve it. If for example you begin an 8 Day Puriti Purification program you’ll produce dramatic results and give your body a more youthful appearance, increased energy, improved sleep patterns, a sense of peace or calmness, decreased bloating and fluid retention, shed excess weight, have fewer aches and pains, more mental clarity, improved memory, improved libido and leave you feeling rejuvenated on all levels. Purification in the new millennium should ideally begin slowly, allowing the body's major organs (intestines, liver, skin, lungs, and kidneys) to adapt to the purification process, releasing toxins gradually and in a manageable fashion whilst the body is nourished and supported.

Once your body is free of its toxic overload the best thing you can do is to feed your body with whole, fresh, nutritionally-dense foods and juices. Eat the right fats and sugars; get plenty of quality, clean protein, juice with copious amounts of fresh, raw leafy green vegetables. Absolutely avoid anything processed, fried, packaged, reconstituted, refined, or high in worthless carbohydrates. Once food is cooked many of its enzymes are destroyed so have little left to give a hungry body.

A daily diet of fresh nutrient rich organic fruit and vegetables not only extends our life, they also provide the building blocks for long lasting health, download the FREE Puriti Kitchen Manual for menus and ideas. The idea that man-made vitamins and minerals give us all that we need is a sad fallacy promoted by the manufactures of such products.

There are obviously cases where large doses of man-made nutrients can save lives but a daily habit of supplementing is really flushing good money down the lavatory. We all need the real deal when it comes to keeping our bodies healthy, nothing else works as well as living foods, almost all the research evidence shows that taking supplements is either worthless or in many cases can be bad for you. Eating a healthy balanced diet for the whole of your life has proven time after time to be the winner.

So find out just how well the Puriti Purification Program works for you, as these days it’s open to anyone who has the desire to be well, purification crosses all cultures and economic stratas. All you have to do is enroll onto a purification program and perhaps you’ll become one of the converted who realize that having a healthier lifestyle is an attainable goal. It makes sense and has been scientifically proven to be highly effective, we can enjoy the energy, vigor and looks of someone much younger, simply take the extra steps to ensure your body has the tools it needs. It’s not rocket science; in fact, the answers are right here!

Puriti is now also available at luxury spa destinations in Russia, Thailand, Vietnam, Maldives, Egypt, Doha and Oman, contact Puriti for more information.

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